About Me

Hi, my name is Daniel Dajakaj and my life’s calling is cinematography. Since 2014, I've worked as a focus puller and Director of Photography, and forge my identity around being a cinematographer.

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I take great pride in executing pre-visualized concepts, but also find it rewarding when circumstances shift and opportunities arise to improvise. In my years, I’ve learned that being flexible is paramount to success.

I reside between Salzburg City and Vienna. My film projects vary from feature length movies, documentaries and commercials.

To mention two notable projects, I had the privilege of being a part of the Oscar winning film “Navalny”, which competed in the category of “Best Feature Documentary” at the 95th Academy Awards. I served as a Camera Operator for cinematographer Niki Waltl, AAC. Second to mention is the feature film “Running Against the Wind”, selected as the Ethiopian entry for the category “Best International Feature Film” at the 92nd Academy Awards. I was Klemens Becker’s 1st AC in Ethiopia. You can find a variety of work as a cinematographer and focus puller on my Project page.

My journey started when I was 14, making videos with friends for fun.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree, with a focus in Media Technique at the University of Applied Sciences. After that, I worked as an intern at ARRI Rental in Vienna, which led me to a position as a technician at a rental house, while simultaneously crewing on camera departments. Nowadays, I work as either a cinematographer or a focus puller.

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From my rental house days, I bring a technical expertise into my camera work. Furthermore, from experimenting in music videos and short films, I developed my lighting conceptualization and incorporated it into my signature as a cinematographer. The alchemy of mixing shot composition with lights and color to suit the narrative, to me, simply is magic.

Are you a production company, director or cinematographer? Hit me up to collaborate on your next project or if you want to have a nice chat about filmmaking. I’ve got an espresso machine, come by for one sometime! Filmmaking and coffee go together. :)


  • German (native language)
  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (fluent)
  • Serbian (fluent)

Workshops and further education:

  • Focus Pulling 101 – Gunnar Mortensen. CMotion
  • Cinematography Workshop in London – Michael Colter, Bsc
  • Vienna Filmcoach - Ip Wischin - Film Workshop